MSRFIT and Related Utilities at TRIUMF

MSRFIT Documentation

Originally written by Andi Kratzer, Susanne J. Flaschin and others at T.U. München. The original files can be viewed on their Web site at We are grateful to that group for undertaking the initial effort, and we hope they will approve of any updates and additions we make here at TRIUMF.

Initial Guess Files

Originally a text message from David Noakes, now corrected, improved and pretty-printed in html. Contains an abbreviated but excellent overview of the input-file format, follwed by several example input files.


for fitting tabulated functions

Static Relaxation Functions

Dynamic Relaxation Functions

Other Relaxation Functions

Too numerous to list here. Many are tabulated in the form of so-called "OMNI Tables" (a more generalized format than the above, which are so esoteric I can't remember their structure myself!) and others are being invented all the time. See the "Relaxation Functions" Forum on the ISMS Bulletin Board for more details.
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